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One Piece by chocolatebunny31 One Piece :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 1 2 JJBA prt 4 Yoshikuni Miharu by chocolatebunny31 JJBA prt 4 Yoshikuni Miharu :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 3 0 JJBA prt 3 Akila Anippe by chocolatebunny31 JJBA prt 3 Akila Anippe :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 2 0 JJBA prt 2 Joan Isabis by chocolatebunny31 JJBA prt 2 Joan Isabis :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 1 5 JJBA prt1 oc Emma Florence by chocolatebunny31 JJBA prt1 oc Emma Florence :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 0 0 Trafalgar Law Bust by chocolatebunny31 Trafalgar Law Bust :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 2 0 Lovely guest by chocolatebunny31 Lovely guest :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 0 6 Lovely guest by chocolatebunny31 Lovely guest :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 0 0 Trafalgar Law by chocolatebunny31 Trafalgar Law :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 3 0 Big hero 6 by chocolatebunny31 Big hero 6 :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 1 0 Xander and Ryoma by chocolatebunny31 Xander and Ryoma :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 17 3 Leo and Takumi by chocolatebunny31 Leo and Takumi :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 13 3 Elise and Sakura by chocolatebunny31 Elise and Sakura :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 5 3 Takeru Shion by chocolatebunny31 Takeru Shion :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 3 0 My precious child by chocolatebunny31 My precious child :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 4 0 Random doodle by chocolatebunny31 Random doodle :iconchocolatebunny31:chocolatebunny31 0 0


Kakashi Hatake doodle by Ozumii Kakashi Hatake doodle :iconozumii:Ozumii 361 12
Hell's Nursery~Part 6.5~ Fiooo!

    "Oo wan' ee?" He murmurs in disbelief.
    "Of course I want you to go." You tell him, picking him up from the bed. "Wouldn't be the same without you." He blushes lightly before hiding his face in your shoulder. Zoro raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly at that.
    "Alright, let's go eat." He nods to Law who opens a portal with his tail. You look at the portal for a few seconds and then over at Law questioningly.
    "Am I supposed to just...walk through that? Like a door?"
    "Yeah, it leads to an alley next to the restaurant, hurry up before a human sees." He smirks as Ace and Luffy start to babble excitedly.  You look at the portal again before closing your eyes and stepping through it. Opening your eyes a few seconds later, you are pleasantly surprised to find yourself in an alleyway next to a well known, but small Italian
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 45 15
Mature content
Slow Drive (Ignis x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 24 4
Among the Stars| Luffy x Reader
WARNING: it's a little sad and may contain spoilers
No likey? No read.

"Fricken' insomnia.."
You rubbed your eyes as you walked out of your room, and down the halls of the Thousand Sunny. For some godforsaken reason you were restless. You thought that with a crew like the Straw Hats, you'd get use to the craziness.
But maybe it wasn't just that..perhaps it was the vivid dreams you had, or the nightmares of your crewmates dying. Of course you never blubbered about it, since you knew your nakama were strong and the fear which plagued the back of your mind liked to taunt you and make you consider otherwise.
Passing by the kitchen, you were surprised not to see your captain trying to raid the fridge. You guys did stop at a nearby island not too long ago to stock up on supplies. Maybe Sanji and Usopp had finally devised hidden traps for the meat-lover.
You chuckled quietly at the thought, before you opened the door and stepped out onto the grass-layered deck of the ship.
Looking arou
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 65 6
Copic ID by Jad-Ardat Copic ID :iconjad-ardat:Jad-Ardat 1,075 795 See ya 'round by Sing-sei See ya 'round :iconsing-sei:Sing-sei 351 29 Happy Birthday by angelcake12 Happy Birthday :iconangelcake12:angelcake12 504 29
Carnival chaos [AU] [LawxReader] [Part 01]
It was disappointing. You had always thought that you were special to him – he had loved spending time with you, taking you out of the house. You had visited different things, most of the time zoos, parks or you went hiking. You loved exploring new areas, so you had been excited every time he mentioned a new possible excursion destination you would visit the next time.
It had depended whether you had been in school or university – after all, you had been together since the upper classes. You had been scared, honestly, you had expected that he would break up as soon as you left the school, but he hadn't. You had spent two more years together – two wonderful years. You had enjoyed every single day of it, although both of you had studied in different universities. Sometimes it had been difficult, but you had always handled those moments.
And now? Now everything was over. You weren't even sure why he broke up. You had been happy, there had been no reason for the two of yo
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 21 6
From Goodbye To Hello - [Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader]
(A/N:Here part 2!! The last part for this two-shot story, hope you like it!!)
Ichigo was staring at the sword within his chest in shock, that same sword that Ginjo wielded. Why? Why is he doing this? Wasn’t he I his side? Just what the hell was going on?!
“The bottom line is, I’m not interested in the reasons of trying to get our help, weather he liked it or not. We set this up in motion for him to team up with us from the start.” Ginjo smirked.
Pushing the sword a bit further in ichigo’s chest the sword began to take his fullbring. Once it was all gone Ginjo’s sword was removed from Ichigo’s chest.
‘My fullbring…its gone. I wanted to regain my power, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do that on my own. I just had to tolerate my condition….powerless. For seventeen months. I thought I finally found a way, I thought I could finally protect everyone with my own hands. But now…it’s all gone. Even my chances to s
:iconyuuki332:Yuuki332 27 14
male poses chart 01 by THEONEG male poses chart 01 :icontheoneg:THEONEG 617 17 Grimmjow by Tenzen-chan Grimmjow :icontenzen-chan:Tenzen-chan 111 16 Cang Du by Tenzen-chan Cang Du :icontenzen-chan:Tenzen-chan 22 2
Human!Crazy Diamond X Reader [Morioh Mysteries 2]
To say that your morning was eventful would have been the understatement of the century. To say that your evening was even more interesting would have been the understatement of time itself.
It was nothing you wouldn’t expect from enemy-hunting with Josuke Higashikata, the younger uncle of the man currently still in his hotel room, the man you were supposed to be traveling with. However, you couldn’t carp much because Josuke was very entertaining to be around. The boy, only a few years younger than yourself, continued to entertain the idea of you staying in Morioh to keep him from getting lonely.
You highly doubted the son of Joseph Joestar would ever get lonely. Firstly because he was very amiable and quite appealing to the eyes.
Secondly because the Joestar bloodline was a living magnet for bizarre occurrences. That being said…
“Oi! You’re that chick from earlier!” The voice was familiar to you, seeing as how you’d heard it no m
:iconientercontests:iEnterContests 18 6
From Goodbye To Hello - [Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader]
Aizen had been defeated but it came with a high cost…when Ichigo defeated him he knew that his Soul Reaper powers were fading he could feel it right after his final attack. But with that came a deep regret and sadness.
Standing outside Ichigo had been in front of (Y/N), she had her head down but soon looked up at him, after two or three years of knowing him the Soul Reaper fell in love with Ichigo Kurosaki.
“So this is goodbye huh?” Ichigo asked sadly, with a frown.
With a sad laugh you nodded your head, your (E/C) eyes looked as into his brown ones. It hurt…it hurt so bad that soon very soon he wouldn’t be able to see you anymore.
“Looks like it.” You replied after a moment.
The others looked at the pair with frowns on their faces, you didn’t have to be a smart ass to realize the two loved one another. You can tell by how they looked at each other and how worried the other would get if something horrible went wrong.
“I’ll sti
:iconyuuki332:Yuuki332 25 4
Mature content
Crossing Swords (Law x Reader x Zoro) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 95 59
Portgas D. Ace by zefiar Portgas D. Ace :iconzefiar:zefiar 103 7


One Piece
Drew my O.C. Zosia with Trafalgar Law. I had a comic already made for this along with some other characters that I created along with Zosia for one piece. She is a devil fruit user too.


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Jarica Slaughter
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Hello fellow deviants to this magnificent page of mine. My name as above is Jarica Slaughter and I'll be your host for now on. I'm an Illustration major at my university and I am currently taking four art classes and a mythology Anyhoo I haven't been posting art on here for a while but now since I got the proper equipment I can no post them and be happy with them!


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