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I needs the ideas, any kind!!! All ideas is welcome. i'll try to do each one or combine some.:bademoticon: Dansu plz :bademoticon: that devious smile 
For my bleach character OC She's from squad 1, If some of you have read in bleach recently none of the captains for squad three,five, nine and eight, are empty do you think she should be an assistant Captain or a Captain? [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair  Free Avie 59 Bleach Ichigo Free Avie 67 Bleach Orihime Free Avie 73 Bleach Hitsugaya Free Avie 35 Bleach Szayel Free Avie 36 Bleach Ichimaru Free Avie 46 Bleach Renji Free Avie 63 Bleach Rukia THE RED PINAPPLE 
I posted some poorly quality pictures of some of my drawings. I decided to make some characters for a little story I'm making.
 its not much but I like it. It took a while to get some of the stuff on there. but its a decent page, I mostly post what I draw and whats on my mind, but mostly me reblogging stuff and liking a few things. here it is:  Thats my pageLeon Kuwata (Slack) [V1] 
What do I draw? Should I make a series drawing or just a regular drawing? I don't knows!!! >w< help me out please!!!! it can be base off your lovely minds and plus you can give me character names and personality, the drawings will be for me to take care of!!
I decided to watch sherlock. and to say the best, I'm hooked on him and watson. They are a very funny pair and I just get shivers and smiles and all giddy when ever Sherlock does his detective work.
Even though I can't draw worth lick on a laptop I can still do requests if you want. I'll just leave this lovely journal here for you all.
Wow people, are just....gone and out of it these days. I was just curious and all on whats happeneing right now.